East VS West- the myths that mystify



Mourning Jewellery Hair Video




Roma Perceptions of death The majority of Finnish Roma belong to the Lutheran Church. Some of the Roma is supporters of free religious directions. Because of the strong vibrant memories related to the common home, the family moves if possible to another home. The deceased’s things and clothes are destroyed. Only jewelry and handmade souvenirs such as sheets with laces are preserved. Photographs of the deceased are also very important memorabilia. These death associated practices and the destruction of the deceased’s personal items have nothing to do with fear of the deceased, but Roma are talking openly about death and the deceased.t

Sagada Coffin Wall

Now bear with me on this. They may not be a typical tourist attraction but the hanging coffins in Sagada are a fascinating insight into the region’s culture. Found on the cliffsides of a valley nestled in the mountain province, which lies 275mk north of Manila, this traditional way of burying people (which is no longer used) is only found in a handful of places in the world. To get there requires some dedication. The journey involves a 12-hour bus ride from the capital, the last few hours through dramatic winding mountains passes and unsealed roads.

Eco Friendly Coffin Sites

” Each one of our willow coffins has been beautifully and caringly hand woven by one of our skilled basket makers in our workshops in Somerset, making each coffin unique, special and a personal tribute to a loved one.  ”


(Woven basket vines)

“The Ecopod is a revolutionary and beautiful new design in coffins that brings together artisan skills with style, elegance and a respect for the environment.”


(Recycled paper -a design pod)

“From the humble beginnings of recycled paper, this subtle pastel coloured board has been carefully crafted, using traditional techniques, with no metals or plastics, it is therefore totally biodegradable and suitable for burial or cremation.”


(Recycled paper -traditional shaped coffin -pastel colours avaliable)

“CreativeCoffins provide a green solution for a distinctive funeral.

Environmentally sympathetic, our cartonboard coffins are suitable for both burial and cremation.

We have a large range of pre-designed coffins that are available through your local funeral director.”


(Recycled paper -personalised coffins)


The Agony

Estrada’spainting of a dying mother is called the agony

Life and death

The ancient Mexican Indian concept of duality is seen in these life-death stutuettes.