Gillis Edman


Undertakers in Göteborg

The association in Sweden that authorize undertakers:

It is safer to hire an undertaker that’s authorized than one that’s not. It means that the employees has taken a course from the association. And they promote professional ethics. And they give the client a written confirmation of their order with information costs, payment terms etc. They also have a guarantee fund of 200 000 kr, so if the customer is unsatisfied or have dispute with the undertaker the customer won’t have to pay.

All authorized undertakers in Göteborg(Gillis primary competitors, including himself): (This is a good webpage, lots of information, unfortunately only in swedish.)

Of course there are also Fonus, the big company in Sweden: (Haven’t looked at is so much yet, so more info later)

To summarize what I have observed:

They all offer pretty much the same services. Support when planning a funeral: legal advices, which coffin or urn to choose, music, priest or not priest etc. The all seem to focus a lot on the person and how to make a funeral personal. It has become more allowed these days to choose exactly how a funeral will be arranged than it has before.

And the aesthetics of their webpages are very alike. And some obviously use the same layout.

They all seem to offer a service where you can plan and prepare your own funeral and legal matters so that it will be easier for your relatives/friends after you have died.  For example the webpage:


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