The Rights of a Corpse

Here are a few lines from the article:

“Corpses in some cultures may be married before burial or in the grave, although
it is illegal to arrest one in Maine, and in Oregon corpses are explicitly not
permitted to serve on juries (Quigley, 1996, pp. 181 – 182). In Haiti, corpses are
kissed to ensure that the spirit does not return (Quigley, 1996, p. 17), while
deceased virgin women may have ritual intercourse before burial (Shibles, 1974,
p. 400). In historical Europe, they have been tried, punished, and deliberately mutilated
(Quigley, 1996, pp. 281 – 283). Superstitions in many cultures and times,
Rights of the Corpse 225
indeed, prescribe various precautions in treating the corpse to ensure in effect that
eventual separation from the living world takes place (Quigley, 1996, pp. 16 – 19).
In some parts of Europe, if a corpse is denied ‘‘proper burial,’’ it will return to make
life unpleasant for relatives and neighbors (Verdery, 1999, pp. 40, 109).”

(Page 225-226)


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